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Rishabh is the Director of Operations at TDeFi and a beacon in the Web 3.0 landscape. At the core, he believes in unlocking the full human potential through spirituality, integrating deeper purpose with modern tech.

With a rich portfolio of over 60 startups, Rishabh takes pride in guiding ventures to scale, assisting them in growing 1 to n. Each startup's journey is a testament to human potential and innovation.

Deep expertise in token engineering sets Rishabh apart. By combining economics, game theory, incentive design, and financial models, bespoke strategies are crafted to ensure sustainable growth in the decentralized world.

Before TDeFi, Rishabh was instrumental at OYO Rooms, shaping its trajectory to become one of the fastest Decacorn (USD 10 Bn+) companies. This journey enriched skills in negotiation and solidified the importance of customer-centric approaches.

Holding an MBA in Finance from IIT Kanpur and boasting a CFA Level 3 candidature, Rishabh seamlessly merges the realms of finance and technology. Yet, beyond the boardroom, there's an enduring commitment to societal upliftment, particularly ensuring equitable education access and wealth distribution.


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Rishabh is the Director at TDeFi, guiding over 50 startups from inception to scale. An alumnus from IIT Kanpur with expertise in token engineering, Rishabh melds economics, game theory, and financial insights to drive Web 3.0 innovations. Passionate about unlocking human potential through spirituality, Rishabh is trying to blend tech, finance, and societal impact. Connect on Linkedin.

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Past Speaker Appearances

Future Blockchain Summit, 2023, Dubai

GITEX 2023.jpeg

Token 2049,



DeFi Twitter Space, 32K Listeners

Rishabh_twitter Space.jpeg

Wealth Today Summit, Dubai

Venture Capital: Reflection and Way forward

Venture Capital: Reflection and Way forward

Future Blockchain Summit, 2022, Dubai

Institutionalisation of Crypto with Binance, Kraken and others

Institutionalisation of Crypto with Binance, Kraken and others

Governance, Risk and Compliance Summit, 2022

Governance Today 2022.jpeg

Global Blockchain Congress, 2022

Future of Gaming and NFTs

Future of Gaming and NFTs

WEF โ€˜23, Geneva and Davos, 2023

Token as a Publicly Traded Asset

Token as a Publicly Traded Asset

AIBC, Dubai, 2022

Path to Mass Adoption

Path to Mass Adoption

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